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A Distinct Approach to Data Analysis from an Indigenous Perspective.

Our data analysis approach is based on an Indigenous perspective, meaning we don't view data in isolation. Instead, we consider everything to be interrelated, both within your organization and beyond. We also examine the past to see what has been achieved, and look forward to what is needed for future generations.


This enables us to offer a distinct approach to how you leverage your data.

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition gathers and collects information from various sources in order to analyze data and make informed decisions. This can come through research projects, surveys or focus groups. Data can also be acquired from any process including oil & gas, forestry, mining and other industries.


Data Analysis

Data analysis is a crucial tool for guiding decision-making. It helps identify patterns and trends, summarizes complex data into useful insights, visualizes data, pinpoints areas for improvement, and facilitates data-driven decisions that promote efficiency and effectiveness.


Data Management

Proper data management is essential to ensure that your data is well-organized, easily accessible, and understandable. This involves creating and adhering to a consistent naming convention for files and folders, as well as training your staff on best practices for data management to ensure consistency and compliance.


Diversity Data

Diversity Employment & Procurement Tracking is an important aspect of any business that values inclusivity and equal opportunities. By tracking diversity in employment and procurement, businesses can ensure that they are promoting diversity and inclusion at all levels. This can lead to increased innovation, better decision making, and improved relationships with customers and stakeholders. Additionally, tracking diversity can help businesses identify areas for improvement and set goals for progress. Overall, diversity tracking is a powerful tool for creating a more equitable and successful business.

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